When to use a normalization with a FISCHER X-Ray instrument?

The normalization causes an adjustment of the measurement task for current settings or for new current substrates. This has to be conducted in case of modifications of primary filters or anode currents or collimators. It is also necessary, if alloy compositions or substrates of the sample have changed.

My FISCHER X-Ray instrument seems to measure implausible values. How can I ensure, that I am measuring correctly?

You should then choose measuring equipment monitoring. You will check the measurement instrument by remeasuring the calibration standards. In case the correct values are not met, adjustments are necessary.

What does a reference measurement signify, with a FISCHER X-Ray instrument?

A reference measurement is a new calibration of the energy axis. This is relevant for the correction of proportional counter instruments, on the influence of temperature.

How to check a calibration on the FISCHER X-Ray instrument?

In order to check the calibration, it is necessary to remeasure the calibration standards within the menu position 'Product', 'Measure CAL. standards'. If you find, there is a deviation, then the instrument needs to be recalibrated.

How large is the measuring spot for X-Ray measurements?

The measuring spot is dependant on the collimator and the measuring distance. Typical values are: 30 µm - 3mm.

Radiation protection for the FISCHER X-Ray  instruments?

Most of our instruments are full protection instruments with a design approval according to the German X-Ray Ordinance.

What can be measured with the X-Ray method?

One can measure elements from the atomic number 11 and coating thicknesses from  approx. 0,005 µm to 60 µm. This depends on the ambient medium (Air, He, Vacuum), detector, size of measuring spot and the atomic number, and of course the application. 

What does the Mask 'Data export' signify?

With the export mask one can define, which parameters will be exported and when and where the data will be sent to. The measurement data will then be available as a text file.

Is it possible to stack the X-Ray calibration foils during the calibration?

Yes, it is possible. There is a rough rule for usage: For proportional counter instruments one may use 2-3 foils. For instruments with a PIN/SDD-detector it is possible to use one foil.

Does one need to re-certify the plate for pure elements, for the FISCHER X-Ray instruments?

This not necessary. You don't need to re-certify the plate, because the elements are saturation thick and therefore very stable.

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