The XDV-SDD is one of the most powerful X-ray fluorescence devices in the Fischer portfolio. The instruments are equipped with particularly large silicon drift detectors (SDD). A 50 mm² detector window enables fast and precise analyses, even for small measuring spots. In addition, the devices can be equipped with different diaphragms and filters to create the optimal excitation conditions for the respective measurement task. 

XDV-SDD for coating thickness measurement and material analysis


  • High-performance X-ray tubes and silicon drift detector (SDD) with large effective area for precise, accurate measurement of even the thinnest coatings
  • Extremely robust construction for serial testing, with outstanding long-term stability
  • Programmable XY-table and Z-axis for automated serial testing
  • Live video imaging and laser pointer to make sample positioning fast and easy


Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Testing very thin coatings, e.g. gold and palladium layers ≤0.1μm thick, in the electronics and semiconductor industries
  • Measurement of hard coatings in automotive manufacture
  • Coating thickness measurement in the photovoltaics industry

Material Analysis

  • Identification of undesirable substances (e.g. heavy metals) in electronics, packaging and consumer goods according to RoHS, WEEE, CPSIA and other guidelines
  • Analysis of gold and other precious metals, as well as alloys thereof
  • Determining the composition of functional coatings, such as the determination of phosphorous content in NiP

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